Whole Blood Separation

D-23® Whole Blood Separation Media: The Grade D-23® is a point of care diagnostics borosilicate glass microfiber filter media containing a proprietary acrylic binder system. This customizable material represents a platform of product variants. The base glass media is supplied ready for your application of chemistries. When supplied as a whole blood separator a novel coating technology is utilized which yields high quality plasma with surprising efficacy and no red cell Hemolysis . The coated version material has been developed by a CRO in the United States whose specialty is blood separation and device development. This market proven media is currently included as a component in successfully commercialized and patented devices with 510K filings.

This naturally hydrophilic material demonstrates high uniformity in formation and density allowing reliable migration rates, in both cross and lateral flow applications. With little caliper deviation the media is ideal for challenging lamination applications and micro fluidic devices.

Uniform screen & felt sides with consistent density MD/CD - This media demonstrates excellent lot-to-lot reproducibility - CofC and CofA provided with shipments – Manufactured in an FDA approved facility and available as rolls, reels, sheets and semi-finished converted configurations in both pre and post coated versions.

This media is available as a base glass microfiber which performs basic whole blood separation via precisely engineered porosity and fiber matrix. In this configuration the material demonstrates plasma yield of approximately 15% by volume at nominal Hct range. It is suitable for both lateral and cross flow configurations and is highly consistent in density and caliper for application of your own micro-coating and dip/dry saturation chemistry.

3 versions of the blood separation media containing proprietary agglutinating chemistry coating is also available. In this coated version this material demonstrates plasma yield >40%.

• Coated for high yield agglutinating process, LATERAL FLOW
Hct RANGE: HIGH = x2

• Coated for high yield agglutinating process, CROSS FLOW
Hct Range: NOMINAL = x1

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