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Aug 28th, 2017

I.W. Tremont is prepared to help during Hurricane Harvey

As the damage from Hurricane Harvey is becoming apparent and storm tracking is continued, I.W. Tremont has increased inventory allocations of filtration products specific to critical drinking water, wastewater, grain and agriculture processing facilities. Also, filtration products known to be used in refineries have also been increased in inventory allocation.

As these critical infrastructure facilities start to come back online and resume processing, first and foremost will be safety in processing of drinking water. Laboratory supplies necessary to ensure nominal parameters and to reestablish validation will be immediately necessary. I.W. Tremont will be prepared to fulfill orders immediately via our vast distribution network serving these markets.

Filtration materials such as those for total suspended solids and volatile suspended solids filters are necessary to ensure quality processed water. Microbiological membranes and ancillary materials are necessary to re-establishment of process water, beverage production and agricultural products. Syringe filters will be in high demand for sample preparation in analyzers and many other products within these categories will inevitably be necessary to replace local stock fouled by the flooding.

I.W. Tremont stands ready to help our fellow Americans in time of natural disaster and need. We will do everything within our power to help the people of affected areas to regain normal life after the storm.

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